Avoid Eating Too Much Cinnamon If You Take These Medications

Patients take statins to decrease cholesterol. When taken regularly, the medication blocks the liver's cholesterol production and removes excess cholesterol. At-risk people use these medications to reduce stroke and heart attack risk.

Before starting a statin, tell your doctor about all your drugs, including herbs and vitamins. In 2015, the American Journal of Case Reports reported the case of a woman in her early 70s  

who had been taking a statin for several months before starting cinnamon supplements a week before being hospitalized for stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. The patient acquired hepatitis from statins and cinnamon supplements.

Coumarin in cassia cinnamon caused disease (American Journal of Case Reports). The chemical might damage the liver if consumed in excess. Cinnamon may also worsen hypoglycemia in diabetics taking blood sugar-lowering medicines.

Consuming cinnamon in little doses, such as in French toast or apple cider, is usually safe. Up to 0.05 milligrams of coumarin per pound of body weight is safe daily.

This limit can be met with 1 teaspoon of cassia cinnamon, depending on weight. Cassia cinnamon has more coumarin than Ceylon cinnamon, but both should be used sparingly. Discuss cinnamon intake with your doctor if you have health issues.