Attract Hummingbirds & Pollinators To Your Yard With This Gorgeous Flowering Tree

You may constantly be looking for lovely flowers that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators. They're fun to watch on the patio and terrific gardening buddies. If your garden needs pollinators, grow the beautiful Hong Kong orchid tree. Tree blooms attract critters and humans!

Hong Kong Orchid Trees Will Dazzle The Pollinators For pollinators, the Hong Kong orchid tree has various benefits. Every bird and bug can pollinate these lofty trees' flower clusters.

The blossoms' pleasant scent will please you and attract pollinators. Most flowers are purple, but some are pink or magenta.

The seed pods and shoots that grow at the trunk base make orchid trees difficult to care for. Landscapers prefer the Hong Kong orchid tree since it doesn't have seed pods.

Seed pods don't form since the blooms are sterile. You can plant this tree along walks and roads to form shady arches and avoid cleaning up their droppings.

Keeping Your Orchid Tree Healthy To attract pollinators, keep your orchid tree cheerful. It's easy since these trees can handle sun or shade, although more sun is ideal. Clay, loamy, sandy, or acidic soil that drains properly is fine for them.

Your tree will be less happy in alkaline soil. Keep the soil neutral or acidic to avoid yellow leaves. Once established, the trees tolerate drought, so you won't need to water them much.

Due to their seed pods, orchid trees in Florida are invasive. As an exception, the Hong Kong orchid tree doesn't produce seeds. It's a hybrid of highly invasive Bauhinia variegata and purpurea. Since the Hong Kong variety is sterile, you can plant it in areas where orchid trees aren't allowed.