Amazing Ways To Use Orange Peels You Haven’t Thought Of

Make Orange Zest: Grate the orange peel to create zest, which can be used to flavor dishes, desserts, salads, and beverages.

Natural Air Freshener: Dry orange peels and place them in a bowl or sachet to naturally freshen the air in your home.

Homemade Cleaner: Create a homemade cleaner by soaking orange peels in vinegar for a few weeks, then straining the mixture and using it to clean surfaces around your home.


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Candied Orange Peel: Boil orange peels in sugar syrup to make candied orange peel, a sweet and tangy treat that can be used as a garnish or snack.

Repel Insects: Rub orange peels on your skin or place them around your home to repel insects like mosquitoes and ants.

Bird Feeder: Hang orange peels from trees or bird feeders to attract birds to your garden and provide them with a source of food.


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