Add This Plant To Your Garden And Watch The Hummingbird Magic Happen

Many birdwatchers want to see hummingbirds' jewel-colored feathers and unique motions. How can you attract hummingbirds to your garden? Best to serve them a flower buffet.

But they don't like any old shrub or perennial. Firebush (Hamelia patens) is the excellent hummingbird-attracting plant for your yard.

Firebush, a tropical shrub, is heat- and drought-resistant. As a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow plant that feeds many pollinators and beneficial insects, it is popular.

Red blooms attract hummingbirds, so firebush is wonderful for attracting them to your yard. Due to their lack of smell, hummingbirds utilize color to find flowers to eat rather than aroma like other pollinators.

Hummingbird retinas contain a thick cone concentration that boosts yellow-to-red sensitivity and dulls green and blue. The high nectar rewards of red flowers promote their choice, which is evolutionary favorable.

Hummingbirds like firebush for its bloom form. Color helps hummingbirds find food, but nectar-rich flowers always prevail, according to studies. Trumpet-shaped flowers provide lots of nectar.

Firebush tubular blossoms are very appealing to intelligent hummingbirds that have evolved to seek them out for survival. Small tube-shaped blooms are better for hummingbirds' long, slender beaks.

Besides beautifying your garden, hummingbirds are vital to its survival. We may conceive of bees and butterflies as pollinators. With 2,000 species, birds pollinate amazing amounts.  

With their unquenchable nectar thirst, hummingbirds top the list. While feasting, the tiny, zipping birds carry pollen from bloom to bloom on their feathers. Pollen helps plants fertilize and grow, so adding firebush to your garden can benefit other plants.