8 Pro Tips for Walking to Lose Weight

Maintain consistency. Consistency is crucial to weight reduction. Everything from food to exercise is included. "Consistency is the only way you will see progress towards the weight loss goal," Gatlin says. No excuses—make time in your day for a refreshing walk!

Use tech to stay focused. Wearable tech helps you track, motivate, and keep yourself accountable. It's smart to include a WHOOP, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or walking app/fitness tracker to your regular workout routine.

Be uneasy. Gatlin recommends being "uncomfortable." Instead of pushing yourself too hard while you're starting out, pick up the pace when you're ready! "Your pace should be quick (not just a leisurely stroll-in-the-park) where the heart rate is elevated," she adds.

Change your walking surface. Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM, recommends walking on different surfaces. Flat, paved walkways are fine. Switching up the terrain can challenge your body and help you lose weight.

Change your walk speed. Dr. Bohl says faster walking burns more calories. Consider adding faster bursts if you want to lose weight walking. "If you can throw in a few minutes of jogging, that's even better—but just varying your walking speed will also have an effect," adds.

Add a weighted backpack. Has "rucking," or using a weighted backpack, crossed your mind? "Rucking is an activity that involves walking or hiking with a weighted backpack," Bohl says.

Engage arms. "Pumping your arms while walking may not pay the highest returns on calorie burn, but any amount of motion you're able to add in does do something," Bohl adds. "So if you're just looking to burn a few more calories each walk, swing those arms."

Find a walking partner. "Walking with a friend—on its own—might not cause you to burn more calories, but it is a good way to make sure you actually go on your walk," Bohl adds.  

"Having a social component to your walk can make it more enjoyable, and having the responsibility to a walking partner of actually going on a walk each day is a good way to make sure you don't skip a walk in exchange for less healthy behavior."