7 ways to attract butterflies to your yard

Plant nectar blooms Butterfly populations are highest in summer, but they need consistent food sources year-round. Get them in your yard by growing nectar-rich blooms in spring and summer.

Growing fruit trees   Many butterflies prefer flower nectar, therefore fruit is a good option. You can cultivate fruit trees or native berry bushes with flowers.  Fruits fall and rot, giving butterflies with much-needed sustenance

Avoid overripe fruit.   Overripe, mashed fruit might be used if your yard is too small for fruit trees or plants. Serve a plate of overripe bananas, citrus, berries, or melons.  

Hang a butterfly feeder   You can also buy a butterfly feeder to attract them to your yard. Feeders like the Naturesroom Birds Choice Butterfly Feeder Kit ($34, Amazon) have feeding cups, fruit trays, and a moat.  

Reduce weeding   Although weeds and dandelions are a nuisance in a well-kept yard, they are ideal butterfly nesting sites.

Create a ‘resting’ spot   Even butterflies need to rest their wings. Place flat stones in a warm yard to create a relaxing spot.

Make it muddy.   A muddy patch or puddle in your yard will also attract butterflies. Male butterflies like to gather on mud puddles to drink salts and minerals.