7 Secret Ingredients Grandma Used in Her Meatloaf

Bacon or Ham Don't just settle for ground beef in your meatloaf. Amp things up with chopped bacon or ham.

Southwestern and Mexican Flavors Call it meatloaf night and the whole family will probably groan. Rename it TACO meatloaf and they'll jump for joy! Add in your favorite flavors, like salsa, kidney beans, corn and taco seasoning.

Hard Boiled Egg Put an egg in instead of on it! Shape your meatloaf mixture into an 8x12 rectangle on plastic wrap.

Mashed Potatoes We're all used to serving mashed potatoes on the side with meatloaf, so why not stuff them inside the loaf itself?

Barbecue Sauce You don't have to stick to ketchup as your meatloaf topping. Try barbecue sauce instead

Mushrooms Grandmas always find a smart way to get us to eat our veggies—even mushrooms. Adding mushrooms to meatloaf give it flavor, moisture and great texture

Tzatziki Sauce Who said meatloaf had to be coated in a sugary, ketchup-y glaze? Switch things up by serving your meatloaf with a side of tangy and cooling tzatziki sauce.


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