7 Reasons to Reconsider Miniature Dachshunds

Shouty Barking Dachshunds are hypervigilant. Therefore, they bark at almost everything. Even with instruction, they're early alarmists. Those who can't handle noise shouldn't get these pets. You can teach a 'silent' command to reduce this natural barking.

Independent Dogs don't always obey their owners. Their strong mindset makes them good hunters, but it can be tough to convince them to perform what you want. Despite their intellect, they're difficult to train and can be manipulative.

Skeptical of Strangers Your dachshund may be friendly, but they are suspicious of strangers. It varies widely throughout the breed. Some are nice to strangers, others are rude.

Dislike for Other Dogs Dachshunds are cautious of strangers and other canines. They make good companions for other dachshunds, especially those they were raised with (if littermate syndrome is avoided).

Housebreaking Miniature dachshunds are among the hardest to housetrain. Their bladders are smaller since they're smaller. They have to go to the potty more regularly than bigger dogs, making housetraining them harder when they're younger.

Health Issues Dachshunds may live longer than others. They may develop intervertebral disc disease, which might paralyze them early. This debilitating issue is caused by their legs not supporting their lengthy back.

Grooming If you get a long-haired dachshund, plan to groom it often. You must brush these dogs many times a week and spot-comb tangles. Start early to ensure your dog tolerates grooming as an adult.