7 Most Common Cat Eye Problems

Conjunctivitis The thin conjunctiva borders the eyelids and covers the white of the eye. This membrane becomes conjunctiva when irritated. Allergic reactions, dry eye, irritants, and infections cause this syndrome.  

Keratitis It's caused by corneal inflammation. The transparent outer eye layer can get infected in numerous ways. The most common cause is eye injury like scratching.

Pore Ulcers Without infection, sores can cause pain and squinting. Ulcers result from this. Scratches, infections, and ocular foreign objects can cause these injuries. Expect squinting, tears, redness, and cloudiness.

Glaucoma This disorder can be caused by numerous things, including ocular drainage channel blockages or fluid overproduction. Other conditions can cause it. Your vet will need more testing to diagnose it.

Cataracts Caracts form when the lens becomes cloudy. Like dogs and humans, elderly cats are most likely to have it. Diabetes, trauma, and other diseases increase cataracts.

Entropion It's caused by inward eyelid rolling. Eyelash and hair irritate eyes, causing ulcers and other disorders. Not treating this illness often leads to infections. Persians and Himalayans are more susceptible.

Uveitis Inflammation of the uvea. Similar to other disorders, the uvea is an eye layer. Cats are diagnosed with this illness when it inflames. However, this illness is mostly symptomatic.