7 Easy Ways To Burn More Belly Fat While Walking

Change speed. The easiest technique to increase walking intensity is to walk faster. It seems apparent, but there's a specific technique to execute this for fantastic outcomes. Avoid "walk as fast as you can for as long as you can" by using intervals to test your body, recuperate, and build endurance.

Uphill walk. Walking uphill is a safe technique to increase your workout intensity. It improves posture by encouraging correct walking mechanics, foot striking, and hip and hamstring muscle work. Find an uphill path or walk on an incline treadmill.

Wear a weighted vest. Any walking workout benefits from weighted vests. Healthline says providing light resistance strengthens muscles, bones, and joints without significant impact. The right weight vest or rucksack forces you to carry it with good posture, activating your core.

Make resistance exercises. Add bodyweight workouts every few minutes to burn more fat. That way, your walk becomes a "total-body" workout rather than a boring block walk.

Warm and chilly. Even if walking is easy, you should warm up your muscles and joints before exercising, especially in cold or damp weather. To avoid soreness, cramping, overuse injuries, and more, do dynamic stretches, activation drills, and foam rolling before exercise.

Take another route. Walking on a paved sidewalk is different from walking on a natural trail with natural inclines and valleys and varied terrain. This can boost your calorie burn and lower body strength, especially in your feet and ankles, as you navigate diverse terrain.  

Increase time. Finally, walk longer to burn more fat and improve cardio. Fatigue makes your muscles, bones, and joints work harder, building strength and endurance.