6 signs your friend is quiet-quitting your friendship, even if you talk every day

Recognizing signs that your friend may be quietly pulling away from your friendship, even if you communicate regularly, can be challenging but important for maintaining healthy relationships. Here are six signs to watch for:

Decreased Initiatives: – If your friend starts showing less interest in initiating conversations, making plans, or reaching out to you first, it could indicate they are becoming less invested in the friendship.

Shortened Responses: – Notice if your friend's responses to your messages or conversations become shorter or less engaging over time. They may seem less interested in discussing personal matters or sharing details about their life.

Lack of Availability: – If your friend frequently cancels plans, avoids making commitments, or suddenly becomes unavailable when you reach out to spend time together, it could be a sign that they are withdrawing from the friendship.

Change in Tone: – Pay attention to any changes in your friend's tone or demeanor during interactions. They may seem more distant, disinterested, or detached than usual, indicating a shift in their feelings toward the friendship.

Avoidance of Personal Topics: – If your friend avoids discussing personal topics or deflects questions about their feelings, thoughts, or experiences, it may suggest they are pulling away emotionally and becoming less open with you.

Lack of Future Plans: – Notice if your friend stops making future plans or avoids discussing long-term goals or aspirations together. They may be signaling a desire to distance themselves from the friendship without explicitly saying so.