5 Signs Your Friend Secretly Finds You Attractive

You catch them looking at you. Lucas begins his TikTok video by declaring that "they find you HOT." if a friend or coworker does any of these five things.

One sign is if you "always catch that person looking at you when they think you are not looking at them."

2They just like your solo images. Shared a photo of oneself chummy with a friend or partner on social media? They probably won't like it. Posted selfies? Lucas predicts they'll be the first to like it.

Your pal would rather see oneself in those images with you than another potential love interest, even subconsciously.

3The "groom" themselves around you. A hair flip, tie straightening, shirt adjustment—if your friend is doing any of these subtle behaviors around you, they may like you.

"You always catch them grooming themselves around you, even when it's just you and them, because they want to look good for you," Lucas says.

4They withdraw in relationships. If you're worried that your friend doesn't like your new partner, they may seem standoffish because they like you.

"Whenever you get into a new relationship with somebody, they always put distance between you and themselves, because they are actually jealous," he says.

5Their touch is subtle. It may be a hand on your back when they let you in or a graze when they offer you a dish.

Lucas says, "They will break that touch barrier with you at any opportunity," if your friend secretly likes you.