4 Reasons Siberian Huskies Are the Best Guard Dogs

Highly Aware Siberian huskies are smart and aware. They stay alert and ready to act at the least sound or change in environment.

They are very adaptive, which is important for security dogs. Despite not attacking humans, these pups will inform their owners of impending hazards.

They intimidate. Siberian huskies are massive and intense. Siberian huskies weigh 45-60 pounds and measure 21-23.5 inches in males and 20-22 inches in females.  

These pups look dangerous with piercing blue eyes and white, gray, tan, or black fur, scaring even the bravest attacker. Many mistake them for wolves.

They Protect Naturally Siberian huskies are fiercely protective of their family, especially children. Unmatched watchfulness develops in them.  

Despite not being hostile toward humans, they will protect their loved ones from harm. Additionally, they will swiftly generate noise to alert you to any predators.

Will Not Attack Right Away People think a good guard dog attacks immediately when it sees a threat, but this is not true. Many “false alarms” can cause guard dogs to attack, but Siberian huskies aren't aggressive.  

If a loved one entered your home unexpectedly, your pup would likely not harm them. Your dog would likely warn you to the person's existence. This reduces the possibility of dog attacks and unnecessary violence.