2024 solar eclipse: When each state in totality will see natural phenomenon

Tens of millions of Americans will be able to catch a glimpse of a total solar eclipse on Monday - when the moon completely blocks out the sun

The amazing natural phenomenon will be visible across as many as 15 different states as it cuts a diagonal path from East to West across the country - beginning in Texas after passing through Mexico and ending in Maine before continuing into Canada.

Nasa estimates that at least 31.6 million people live within the ‘path of totality’ where the moon will entirely obstruct the sun’s rays.

Eclipses are not that rare, occurring once every year and a half. But it’s extremely uncommon that so many Americans will get to view the celestial event from the comfort of their homes - as it is often found in hard-to-reach destinations.

While not everyone across the US will be able to see the moon move directly in front of the sun from their hometown, village or city, a partial eclipse, where the moon covers between 20% and 90% of the sun's surface, will be visible in almost every state.

People living in the US will first catch sight of the total eclipse at the border with Mexico at around midday CDT - with it visible in San Antonio, TX, at 1.33pm CDT.

Those living in Austin, TX, will be able to view it a few minutes later, at 1.36pm CDT, while others in Dallas, TX, will catch a glimpse at 1.40pm CDT.