10 Varieties Of Milkweed Butterflies Absolutely Love

Common Milkweed  

This native North American species is a favorite of monarch butterflies and supports their entire life cycle. 

Swamp Milkweed  

With its vibrant pink flowers, swamp milkweed is another popular choice for monarchs and other pollinators. 

Butterfly Weed  

Known for its bright orange flowers, butterfly weed is a favorite nectar source for butterflies and other insects. 

Showy Milkweed  

Native to western North America, showy milkweed is highly attractive to monarch butterflies and has large, showy flowers. 

Tropical Milkweed 

While not native to North America, tropical milkweed is often grown as an annual and is a popular choice for monarchs in warmer climates. 

Whorled Milkweed 

This native species has narrow, needle-like leaves and clusters of small white flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators. 

Prairie Milkweed 

Native to the central United States, prairie milkweed is a tall species with clusters of pale pink flowers that butterflies adore. 

White Milkweed  

As its name suggests, white milkweed has white or pale pink flowers and is a favorite of monarch butterflies and other pollinators. 


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