10 Reasons Cats Are Better than Dogs

They Don’t Need Baths Cats never need baths outside of medical reasons, such as if they develop fleas or have a bad case of diarrhea. It’s actually very ill-advised to bathe your cat, as it’s stressful for them, and they clean themselves.

They Don’t Smell Like Dog You know the smell I’m talking about! I’ve actually never minded the smell of dogs, but they definitely have a distinct odor, even when clean.

You Don’t Need to Walk Them (But You Can!) Cats don’t need to be taken outdoors for walks. They potty in litterboxes and can live fantastic lives indoors with daily play as their exercise.

They Do Best When Kept Indoors If you’re fond of the great indoors, like me, you’ll appreciate that your cat doesn’t need to go outside to potty or exercise. They actually do best when kept indoors full-time.

They’re Better at Finding Their Way Home If your kitty does get outside by mistake, they’re typically better at finding their way back than a dog. That said, you should address the problem right away once your cat returns home.

They Use Litter Boxes Hear me out: I know dog people tend to see the litter box as a negative, but it’s actually beneficial!

Their Poops are Smaller Cat poop is also easier to clean because it’s smaller than most dogs’ poop. A litter scooper is also easier to use, in my opinion than a dog poop scooper or plastic bag.

Potty Training is (Usually) a Breeze Kittens can learn to use the litterbox as young as three weeks old. It’s natural for them to bury their waste, so true potty training isn’t usually required.

They Require Less Training in General In my opinion, a fatal mistake people make with their cats is assuming they don’t need training. Socialization, handling, and manners are all important things to work on with your cat.

No Barking Cats If you keep your cat indoors, your neighbors will rarely complain about its noise. You won't need to train your cat to bark at everything, unlike some dogs.